Nobody thought she'd survive the night. But Poppy had other ideas. Please watch and share her incredible story. Donate now at The Soi Dog Foundation is a not for profit organisation that relies on donations to help Thailand's dogs & cats that have been abused or neglected. Soi Dog Foundation is one of the leading organisations in ending the dog meat trade in Asia. By ending the dog meat trade in Thailand, Soi Dog Foundation is now hoping to end it in countries like Vietnam, Cambodia and South Korea. As a supporter you will be giving these animals a second chance at life. So don't forget to like or subscribe to our channel for weekly content and by watching, liking and sharing the videos you are supporting the dogs and cats in Asia that are in need of help. VISIT OUR WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: YOUTUBE: INSTAGRAM: Soi Dog cares for thousands of animals every year. By sponsoring a dog, you will not only change their life, but you'll also change the lives of many others in desperate need. Your small monthly gift will help fund the shelter, food, and veterinary care for dogs that have nowhere else to go. Become a sponsor:
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