Saakashvili have palmed off the underfulfilled plan of an attack

8 naive questions on operations for Caucasus
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Колонна российской боевой техники движется навстречу войне. Через полчаса она попадет под обстрел.Колонна российской боевой техники движется навстречу войне. Через полчаса она попадет под обстрел.
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1. What plans were at Tbilisi?

Strategic plan Saakashvili is more than obvious: having flung away the Russian peacemakers and weak an army of Osetija, quickly to occupy not recognized republic and it's reliable to be dug round there.The moment of attack to South Ossetia has been chosen competently - counting upon that Russia will react with delay (Putin was in Pekin, and Medvedev - in holiday on Volga) and won't risk in day of opening of Olympic Games on the massed military answer of Georgia. Such script opened road to the decision and other strategic problem of Tbilisi - replacements subsequently the Russian peacemakers on loyal European or even American.

2. Why has "blitzkrieg" Saakashvili failed?

Similar, that 150 American advisers surrounded Saakashvili (now many of them have taken off in the USA or have got over to Azerbaijan and Armenia), have appeared bad analysts. They have obvious convinced Saakashvili conclusions about power of the Georgian army and have approved to the Joint Staff of Georgia the crude plan of approach for South Ossetia, not considered answer of Russia.

3. Why we couldn't beat off Tskhinvali straight off?

The city almost has been completely grasped and blocked Georgian tanks. The Georgian armies borrowed advantage-grounds on surburbs Tskhinvalis and is direct in city. Besides it was necessary to banish the Georgian planes covered the attacking divisions. The Russian parts have been compelled to remove as much as possible cautiously blockade from city to not put under the impact the peace population.

4. What for our planes bombed air stations and military bases in territory of Georgia?

The overall objective of such bombardments - to deprive the Georgian Air Forces (10 - 12 fighters and about 30 fighting helicopters) an opportunity to support the ground armies and to strike blows on positions Russian and jugoosetinskih parts. Impacts on military bases (Senaki, Honi, Vaziani, poti) have the purpose to not allow Georgia to forward the armies (including rezervistov) to areas of operations.

5. Who is at war on Caucasus?

A basis of a grouping of the Russian armies parts and make divisions of 58-th armies (a staff - Vladikavkaz). But from 70 thousand staff in operations participate about 10 thousand. Approximately 60 - 65 % from them - mercenaries . In structure of the Russian peacemakers - about 350 fighters (prior to the beginning of war was 500 : 18 are killed, nearby 150 are wounded). In structure of a grouping in territory JUO - soldiers-commandoes (in total about 5 thousand person). All of them are mercenaries. A parity of contradictory forces in South Ossetia at present about equal - from 12 up to 15 thousand person. During intrusion of the Georgian armies in JUO army Saakashvili had almost 15-fold superiority over the Russian peacemakers and osetia's soldiers.

Besides in Abkhazia one more Russian grouping consisting of 9 thousand of commandoes and 1,5 thousand of peacemakers from structure of Collective forces on maintenance of the world, - by all of them too is created.

A grouping of the Georgian armies and divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - 12 thousand person in territory JUO and up to 2 thousand person - in the top part of gorge Kodorskogo. All - mercenaries. Parts of armed forces of South Ossetia - 2 thousand mercenaries and more than 10 thousand - rezervists.

Army of Abkhazia (a part of the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Internal Affairs) - 10 thousand person. Rezervistov - up to 30 thousand.

6. How in the Georgian army there were antiaircraft rocket systems S-200?

This rocket, apparently, had been brought down Russian distant bomber TU-22. During " section of property " Armed forces of the USSR in territory of Ukraine remains much (more than 20) antiaircraft rocket parts. At reduction of the Ukrainian army old it's antiaircraft-rocket systems (ZRS) have appeared "superfluous". Them modernized at factories of Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Kiev.Almost in 2 times fighting efficiency ZRS S-200 has been improved. One part modernized ZRS have returned in armies, and another began to sell "interested person". When between Ukraine and Georgia under direction of the USA and NATO uniform antiRussian "front" began to be formed, more than 10 ZRS S-200 have secretly been delivered from Ukraine to Georgia.

7. How many captured it is grasped by belligerent parties? Who they?

Yesterday the deputy the chief of the Joint Staff of the Russian Federation general-colonel Anatoly Nagovitsyn has told, that, according to our party, for August, 11th are considered captured (or missing persons) 14 Russian military men. Almost all of them are scouts. Data about quantity of the Georgian militarians grasped during fights the general hasn't named. In Ministry of Defence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia declare, that during fights it has been grasped more than 30 Georgian military (wounded men and voluntary surrendered in a captivity). Still nearby 10 person have been detained by bodies of counterspionage as " agents of foreign special services ".

8. Under what circumstances the Georgian boat at coast of Abkhazia has been sunk?

The ships of the Russian Black Sea fleet have been involved in carrying out of operation " compulsion to the world " (a cruiser "Moscow", storozhevik the "Sharp-witted", 3 landing ships and some more ships of support) also. On the last Sunday they patroled in area of sea border of Abkhazia. From the Georgian territorial waters there were 4 rocket boats ("gifts" of Ukraine, Turkey and Greece). The patrol ship "Sharp-witted" all over again has given a precautionary volley from guns, trying to drive away the Georgian from a cruiser. But they continued rapproachement. Then fire on defeat has been opened. One of boats has been sunk, and three "have escaped" to the Georgian coast. About, whether have remained seamen on the sunk rocket boat and what their destiny, yet is not informed are alive.

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