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ENGLISH VERSION18 ноября 2008 7:55

Are historians and liars preparing to take Russia to trial?

So-called European and former Soviet "scholars" see nothing wrong with building sham stories just to satisfy their politicians

Historians from Russia and the near abroad recently gathered in the KP press center for a presentation by the Historical Memory fund. But they ended up speaking more about modern-day politics than anything else... The fund's president, historian Aleksandr Dyukov, said history has become an effective political instrument in recent years.

"Historical truth became the first victim of this entire process," Dyukov said. "Last spring, a presentation of the so-called 'documentary' film, 'Soviet History,' was held at the EU parliament. Latvian documentary filmmakers shot film using funds of European politicians. It wasn't shown in Russia, but the film certainly had an impact in the West. It achieved its aim, and influenced the EU parliamentarians who recognized the Ukrainian famine last September. As for now, they still refuse to recognize that a Ukrainian genocide occurred. As of yet, anyway... Expert liars are working assiduously to mold the West's public consciousness. And we're constantly catching them in the act."

Dyukov said that if Western historians continue to successfully falsify history, Russia may have to pay up and repent once again before the international community, and museums of occupied nations could pop up everywhere — even in Mongolia.

"The Russian Interior Ministry and State Duma will review our evidence refuting the film," Dyukov said. "It's impossible to endure these blatant lies any longer. The film was recently awarded the prize for best documentary at the Boston Film Festival. It's currently being promoted in Europe, and the Estonians even plan to make a subtler version for schoolchildren because mentally they can't handle the original. We're expecting several countries to file lawsuits against Russia as the legal heiress of the Soviet Union. A state regulation has already been drafted in Lithuania. The work of their commissions to determine how many people were harmed in the countries of the the former Soviet Union is coming to an end. Baltic historians have demonstrated this pioneering approach. We have rebuttals against the majority of these accusations, lies and myths."

Lies and Myths

About Holodomor

"In 1932-1933, in the heat of the famine, 10 million tons of grain were exported from Ukraine."

Historian's Commentary:

The Soviet Union exported 2.6 million tons of grain in 1929; 48.4 million centners in 1930; 51.8 million in 1931; 18 million in 1932; 17.6 million in 1933; 8.4 million in 1934. (Ginsberg, I.C., "Soviet Foreign Trade," 1937)

When the famine occurred, the Soviet government decreased the grain exports.

"Seven million people died during Holodomor in Ukraine."

Historian's Commentary:

The statistics at the Vital Records Office show that 514,700 deaths were registered in Ukraine up until the famine in 1931. When the famine began in 1932, the number of deaths rose to 668,200. The officially registered number of deaths reached 1.85 million in 1933. If the deaths in 1931 can only be seen as having taken place on the background, the number of victims in 1932-1933 only totaled 1.489 million.

About Cooperation with Hitler's Germany

"The Soviet Union supplied the Nazi regime with resources in the 1930s."

Historian's Commentary: The Soviet Union was only fifth after Italy, Denmark, Romania and Holland among the countries that supplied resources to Hitler's Germany. Soviet supplies only accounted for 7.6 percent of German imports in 1940. (Schtrandman, Kh.P. "Hitler, Stalin and German-Soviet Economic Ties")

About Repression

"From 1937-1941, 11 million people were repressed in the Soviet Union."

Historian's Commentary:

In 1937: 796,613 verdicts (5,948 not guilty) In 1938: 558,583 (4,325 acquitted) In 1939: 92,202 (25,575 acquitted) In 1940: 87,218 (12,092 acquitted)

A total of 1.486 million people were convicted during these years.

"Almanac of the First Division of the Soviet Interior Ministry on the Number of Arrested and Convicted in 1921-1953." (11.12.1953 Mozokhin, O.B., "Statistics on the Activity of the Cheka-OGPU-NKVD-MGB")

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