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ENGLISH VERSION20 ноября 2008 22:00

How Georgia prepared for the invasion. Part 1

KP receives top-secret staff records from the Fourth Georgian Rifle Brigade

How Georgia prepared for the invasion. Part 2

The war in the South Caucasus in August remains a source of rumors and speculations around the world. The West almost unanimously continues to judge Russia as the aggressor in the conflict, which unjustly "occupied a small, defenseless Georgia." They also persist with their assertions that Russia began the war, and the Russian army prepared military operations long before the outbreak of the war in South Ossetia.

Is this how everything really happened? KP recently received top-secret documents that shed light on the actual state of affairs long before Georgian missiles fell on the rooftops of a sleeping Tskhinvali. These staff records are from the Fourth Georgian Rifle Brigade, which was the main striking force during the conflict. Pay close attention to the dates within, as they reveal the true essence of the situation. We turned to expert Vladimir Artyukhov, a senior officer at a department of the General Staff of Russia's Armed Forces, for commentary.

Secret plots...

Segments of the document, translated from Georgian

Sign over:

Chief of staff

Signature 7.08.08

Top Secret

Cop No.

Staff of the Fourth Rifle Brigade


5.15 7 August 2008


Based on the "sequence" of the order, it appears to be almost entirely American. U.S. military advisers, who had been stationed at the army base in Vaziani, really whipped their Georgian "students" into shape. But that's not the most important thing in this issue. What's most important is where it says: "5.15. 7 August." This proves the Georgians were already ready for war a day before combat began.

And reading further on...

Preliminary Order No. 02

Map No. 1:50000, K-38-64-A, K-38-90-B, K-38-64-В,


Publication 1987

Local Time

1. Conditions

Without Change (See Preliminary Order No. 01)

А. Adversary Force

Without Change (See Preliminary Order No. 01)

B. Own Force

Without Change (See Preliminary Order No. 01)


This is yet another eloquent fact that refutes the lies that have spread that "Russia prepared for the war earlier." The Georgian special forces clearly say for themselves: "Adversary Force — Without Change." And this was Aug. 7! If the Georgians had registered our convoys advancing, would they have written this? Yet Saakashvili continues to lie that the "Russians secretly occupied South Ossetia even as early as Aug. 5..."

Three days for war...

Task of the high commander

The strategic group had 72 hours to implement military actions in Samachablo (ed. South Ossetia), destroy the adversary forces and restore Georgian jurisdiction in the region.


You'd agree that if the Georgian generals had any accounts of Russian units being in South Ossetia at the time, they wouldn't have set aside a mere 72 hours to solve the conflict. Even the dumbest Georgian general wouldn't risk such adventurism. They clearly thought our peacekeepers and South Ossetian armed units would be the only forces applying resistance. This is why such a small period of time was set aside for the operations, and you can see this for yourselves in the document.

American devices

Plot of the high commander:

- Quickly implement military actions;

- Decrease risk of destroying civilian population and property;

- Destroy the adversary's force with precision strikes;

- Protect one's own forces.


The second point in this section looks a bit odd. It's unclear how these "humane" Georgians intended on lowering the risk of destroying the civilian population and property if they were mercilessly showering Grad missiles on huge areas both in and around Tskhinvali. What precision strikes were they referring to? The Georgian staff jotted this down straight from the U.S. model for staff records. There are no points that say "Protect one's own forces" in Georgian military regulations. This is also an American addition.


Divisions of the Fourth Rifle Brigade were switched to the alert state to support the strategic group at the place of dislocation no later than 11:00, Aug. 7, 2008.


Again, "11:00, Aug. 7" is just more evidence that proves the Georgian military machine was launched one day before Saakashvili's troops invaded South Ossetia.

End goals:

- Expose separatist forces in the region;

- Establish a peaceful and secure environment in the region.


The term "separatist forces" sounds odd. But it tells us a great deal. Saakashvili's army was afraid of the enemy that would apply resistance. Stress is placed on this idea in other sections of the order, too. The army is speaking out against the "political police," something like a Georgian-style gestapo.

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