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Общество7 июля 2010 15:40

Pletnev was allowed to leave Thailand on additional bail

The case isn't closed and the prosedures may take long time. The musician ordered to be back in the country by July 18

Mikhail Pletnev, 53, founder and artistic director of the Russian National Orchestra found himself in a great scandal on July, 6. A well-known conductor Jury Bashmet says that. when he was informed that Mikhail Pletnev had been arrested, he was greatly shocked. Jury knew that Pletnev had a house in Thailand, but he couldn't even suppose of Mikhail being arrested. According to Pattaya Daily News, during the search in Pletnev's house the police found his computer with child pornography photos and videos. The musician said that a friend of him gave him that computer. By now well-known pianist has been released on bail, computer and discs being withdrawed by the police. There's no official information yet, only rumours that Pletnev is a member of a paedophile network. In spite of all the facts, very few believe he is guilty. As Nikolay Baskov commented on this scandal, it's not that difficult to slander such a great man and Baskov himself strongly believes Mikhail is innocent. Pletnev's orchestra is on the 15th place in the top best 20 world ochestras and that is the only Russian orchestra in this rating. Baskov thinks that there's a great number of people who wouldn't mind slanderin Pletnev. Pavel Astakhov said concerning the accusation that the law shouldn't be selective, no matter how talented the person is. He says that Pletnev's guilt should be proved by authorities. Russia's consul in Bangkok, Andrei Dvornikov, says that Mikhail can leave Thailand even tomorrow. The court has carefully examined Pletnev's case and agreed to release him on 9000$ bail because of the European tour of his orchestra. Pletnev however due back to Thailand by July, 18. The case isn't closed and the prosedures may take long time. Now the execution of the bail takes place. Probably he will leave the country tomorrow, but he isn't willing to talk to journalists yet. Mikhail Pletnev was born on April, 14, 1957 in Arkhangelsk. Then his family moved in Saratov, then in Kazan. He entered the Central School of Music at the age of 13 and, in 1974, entered the Moscow Conservatory. Aged 21, he won the Gold Medal of the VI International Tschaikovsky Competition. Then he began his international concert activity. In 1980 he made his debut as a conductor. He is also the pocessor of many other awards. According to Andrei Dvornikov, Pletnev was arrested on Monday in a sports club, while the police carried out a search in his house in Pattaya. He was arrested as he manufacture of child pornography had given evidence against him. He was released on bail the same day and is now in his house. The foreign ministry in Moscow said earlier it was seeking to find out why the musician had been detained in Pattaya. Russia's Itar-Tass news agency said Mr Pletnev had a Thai lawyer and had not asked for help from the Russian consulate. Pletnev's press-secretary Svetlana Chaligina claims he wasn't arrested. She confirms Pletnev is on holiday now and there's no official invirmation about the incident yet. Pletnev was due to return to work shortly, with the orchestra scheduled to begin a European tour within days. It's difficult to say what exactly has happened as relying on rumours only. Mikhail Pletnev, however, is to leave Thailand for Russia these days and he is supposed to make an official statement.