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US Deep State Attacks American Orthodox Christians and Conservative Catholics

These articles are translations from a weekly column in Russian in Komsomolskaya Pravda, Russia's largest daily newspaper, explaining the US to a Russian audience, focusing on the battle for free speech and the media landscape
Orthodox Christianity has been booming in the US for the last 15 years

Orthodox Christianity has been booming in the US for the last 15 years


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Even non-believers and agnostics are starting to notice how bizarrely demonic America’s elites are, as their agenda evolves into an implausible satanic ball dreamed up by bad screenwriters. Genital mutilation, relentless lying, mass murder through endless wars, sexual deviancy and debauchery, drug dealing, child abduction, torture, and trafficking, attacking their own citizens with diseases and bio-weapons artificially created by them, ever more extreme abortion policy, universal economic fraud, and everywhere, in every way, turning truth on its head and insisting that white is black, men can be women, and on and on, which is the mark of the devil.

It comes as no surprise that they absolutely detest Christianity. They don’t mind wishy-washy liberal Christians, whom they see as useful idiots. They do have a problem with conservatives though.

Russians might be surprised to know that Orthodox Christianity has been booming in the US for the last 15 years, crucially among conservative young white men. This new generation has few ethnic ties to Orthodoxy, i.e. Greeks, Serbs and Russians. They are mostly legacy Anglo-German conservative Protestants, frequently Calvinists. I am a convert to Russian Orthodoxy myself from Episcopalianism, and as publisher of the Russian Faith website, have been following this phenomenon for 8 years. Its significance and meaning is underestimated.

They have a very active media ecosystem: blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels, discussion forums, Telegram channels, etc, with excellent quality content. They are very active on Twitter, which has again become the dominant force in the media landscape since Elon Musk relaxed censorship there about a year ago.

By my estimates, these legacy converts now number 300-400.000. They are growing rapidly, and having a lot of children. Russian Orthodoxy is the most popular jurisdiction, especially the influencers, because of the many Orthodox jurisdictions in the US, it, and the Serbian, are the most socially conservative. Why Orthodoxy is suddenly flourishing in the US, having lain dormant for 150 years, is an interesting question, perhaps the subject of a future column.

Russians might also be surprised to know that the US deep state censorship and repression complex sees these people as a threat, and employs active measures against them of all kinds, just as they are doing in the Ukraine.

About a year ago an anonymous YouTuber released a bombshell documentary film detailing the $ millions being pumped into US academics posing as Orthodox, but obviously clearly subverting Orthodoxy with the very worst of progressive ideology - tolerance of LGBT, female priests, and russophobia. The funds are coming from shady non-profits aligned with the US deep state. Here is an excellent and detailed description and transcript of the film published on Global Orthodox, exposing the cringe personalities being pushed forward with this deep state money. YouTube of course blocked it, but it is available on Rumble. See the article for details.

This has been a well-funded program going on for years, deeply intertwined with the Constantinople Episcopate, which itself is a CIA cutout.

A more recent episode involved what appears to be a fake news attack, where Russian ‘journalists’ Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan, working for publications funded by the CIA, wrote a widely promoted article claiming that they had ‘seen’ documents provided to them to them by the FBI which proved that a Moscow priest was working for the FSB while on a trip to the US. This was avidly snapped up by CNN, Newsweek, and others, including Russian language Meduza, a US government-funded propaganda outlet. If you want to see what professional lying looks like, watch Soldatov in that CNN clip.

On Thursday, a bomb threat, apparently from pro-Ukrainian activists, forced the evacuation of the Holy Trinity monastery and seminary in Jordanville, NY, the spiritual heart of Russian Orthodoxy in America. The monks at Holy Trinity, which have included important spiritual leaders over the years, like Bishop Averky Taushev, have been the target of harassment and intimidation from US intelligence agencies for many years. This is likely another episode in that long history.

All this comes on top of a major scandal in which the FBI sent infiltrators to attend services at conservative Catholic churches, having identified such Christians as a threat to society.

It has been well established in alternative media that splitting, dividing, and undermining Orthodoxy in Russia and Ukraine has been a priority for many years. The current persecution in the Ukraine is the fruit of many years of diligent work. Here is yet another fake, US government backed outlet insisting that this is all a conspiracy theory. It is not. Search online for ‘CIA Orthodox Church Ukraine’, and you will find ample evidence.

So much money, so many fake information outlets, bots, psyop programs, literal armies of intel operatives attacking Russia in the info space! Where is Russia’s response? - oh that’s right, it doesn’t exist!

Maybe Russia should wake up and start fighting back before it’s too late.