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Israel is losing the media war in the West because the elites cannot control the internet

This column seeks to explain to the Russian public how the revolution in digital media is driving a revolution in the West. The latest events in Israel give us an ideal laboratory experiment, a stress test for both censors and truth speakers
It appears that even Israel’s leadership overestimated their ability to control and manipulate Western media and public opinion

It appears that even Israel’s leadership overestimated their ability to control and manipulate Western media and public opinion


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As I have said many times, there is a massive struggle taking place in the US, and by extension, Europe, where the truth is breaking out everywhere, and the elites are desperately trying to suppress it. Imagine a shirtless man in a Russian forest in June swatting at mosquitoes, and you will get the idea.

It appears that even Israel’s leadership overestimated their ability to control and manipulate Western media and public opinion, which in past wars they have been able to do through their death grip on all the commanding heights of American society - media, government, academia, economy. Their success/failure rate is a timeline of the digital information revolution: Iraq (very strong control), Libya (less control), Syria (much less control). We should add Ukraine to this list, which has turned into an information rout for the globalists, as public opinion in the West turns away from Ukraine support, driven mostly by their relentless lying about every aspect of that conflict. There have been many other test cases - the Covid Hoax, American elections in 2016 and 2020. Each event shows an ebbing of their ability to control the narrative.

That Netanyahu and company miscalculated is not surprising - he is 73 years old, and it is unlikely he fully understands the implications of the new media revolution we are living through. Here he is in happier times explaining to constituents (YouTube) that Israel can completely dictate to America how to act.

Counting noses in the huge and highly segmented American media landscape is extremely revealing - don’t forget, it is now far larger than the globalist media, which cannot even be called mainstream anymore, for it has lost that particular quality. In the past, many new media personalities could be relied on to reliably toe the Israel line, but this time massive cracks are appearing.

Let’s start with the journalists, media companies with the biggest audiences and influence who have destroyed the elite’s narrative on Ukraine, Covid, and much else: Tucker Carlson, Glenn Greenwald, Joe Rogan, Elon Musk’s Twitter, and many dozens more. Greenwald and Carlson are strongly against Israel, Joe Rogan as usual is not taking sides (but probably will eventually, subtly against, as he has on Ukraine and Covid), and Twitter is a massive barroom brawl, with Israel’s supporters making hysterical demands to genocide the Palestinians, while thousands of accounts with a combined 100s of millions of followers are rushing to the defense of the Palestinians.

Particularly revealing are former Israel apologists breaking ranks and caving to pro-Palestinian arguments, or perhaps to their consciences. 30 year old Charlie Kirk is a great example. He has millions of followers across most major platforms and a large political youth organization across America’s universities, thanks to heavy support from pro-Israel elites over the years. A regular happy traveler on Israeli-sponsored junkets to America’s ‘greatest ally’, he was always among the first to bark when Israel gave the command. But last week, he lobbed an info-grenade into the pro-Israel trenches, stating categorically, and providing convincing arguments, that it is nonsense that Israel did not know about the coming attack from Hamas.

Another example is Alex Jones, another figure who has always made a point of how pro-semitic he is, especially in recent years as a defense against persecution against him. On Tuesday he appears to have lost either his patience or his nerve, shouting on his show that ‘you Jews’ have to stop supporting everything that is destroying America, accusing them of being ‘their own worst enemy’.

The net effect of this slugfest is that support for Israel is receding in the West. Why? - Israel’s largest and most ardent apologists, such as Ben Shapiro, Mark Levin, and many others, have become hysterical in their demands for full support of Israel, which is playing into the hands of their powerful debate opponents, and instant Twitter video coming out of Gaza are exposing Israeli atrocities for all the world to see.

Score another victory for the information revolution. The elites are losing badly at this stage.