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America’s multi-billion $ censorship industry, and why it matters for Russia

These articles are translations from a weekly column in Russian in Komsomolskaya Pravda, Russia's largest daily newspaper, explaining the US to a Russian audience, focusing on the battle for free speech and the media landscape

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By Charles BAUSMAN

Russians might be surprised to find out that over the last 7 years an enormous censorship apparatus has emerged in the US, as the battle for the future of my native country enters a decisive 12 months leading up to the 2024 presidential elections.

Tucker Carlson interviewed a very influential American publicist and historian, Victor Davis Hanson on Wednesday (see here for summary (English)). Hanson made it clear: the US is on the verge of ‘revolution’, with two opposing forces in a historic standoff: the globalist establishment vs. their victims, the American people, and by extension the nations of the world. Hanson argued that the next 12 months will likely be “explosive”. I very much agree.

Today I want to explain about this censorship machine, where it came from, and how it works.

Our constitution prohibits the government from exercising outright censorship, and therefore our security state has found a legal loophole to get around it. They install operatives into top universities, and then hand out generous grants to “study” “disinformation.” These “research projects”, funded by 10s of millions of dollars, and with hundreds of employees, then contact the big social media companies, and pressure them to remove social media posts which these teams have identified. These “academics” make it clear to these companies, that if they do not comply, they might encounter disruptions in federal contracts and other problems. Usually the executives need little pressure, for they are mostly ideologically aligned with the censors, and so gladly ban users and posts, adjust algorithms, etc.

These “researchers” do 99% of the work for the social media companies, presenting them with lists of accounts and posts to censor. So, people who are essentially “employed” by the US government, are blocking Americans’ right to free speech. In spirit, this is illegal activity according to US law, and could well be prosecuted in the future, but it does provide a legalistic loophole for now.

In this manner, the US government removed 100s of millions of posts over the last 8 years, all over the world, banned 10s of 1000s of accounts, and skewed search results. The biggest topics affected were: the validity of the 2016 presidential elections and the accusations that Trump won thanks to Russian interference, Brexit, the Covid lockdowns and vaccinations, corruption of the Biden family, the validity of the 2000 presidential elections, mass importation of migrants, and now, the conflict in Ukraine.

This massive, illegal effort has not been successful in achieving its ultimate goal, which is to protect the globalist elites from an increasingly angry public as they become aware, thanks to the internet, of their crimes at home and abroad. It has had some limited success in manipulating public opinion, but the truth is still leaking out all over, setting the stage for a serious confrontation. It reminds me very much of the Catholic church banning and burning books during the reformation, in hopes of stopping the destabilizing innovations in information technologies of that era, which like today, exposed a rotten elite.

How this censorship mechanism works has recently been brilliantly exposed on Twitter by a former Trump administration appointee, Mike Benz. Over the past few months he has been on a tweet rampage, posting videos and comments, sometimes getting millions of views, explaining it all, with Elon Musk, sometimes tweeting back. For anyone seriously interested, Benz is a must-read. His work is extraordinary, and changing American history. His success, and that of thousands of truth-warriors like him, show that these censorship techniques might not just fail, but even backfire, echoing the failure of the Catholics 500 years ago.

Benz explains that a public censorship “industry” has emerged, with universities publicly competing with each other for these contracts, and academics boasting online about how successful they have been in identifying “misinformation.” “Journalists” are employed at the globalist media companies with entire departments specializing in “reporting” on this new phenomenon of “misinformation”, who of course work in close cooperation with the academics, applauding their work and giving it legitimacy. Journalism “schools” are training students in “misinformation.”

For another brilliant insight into America’s security state repression, Glenn Greenwald published an in-depth video on Friday about how the roots of today’s repression could clearly be seen in the 1990s. Highly recommended. He has also done extensive and brilliant reporting on the censorship “industry”.

There is a massive and epic battle for truth and free speech underway in America right now, and I find it fascinating that most Russians have no idea it is happening. It is equivalent to the battle of Borodino, or Stalingrad, in terms of its consequences not just for America, but the whole world. Eventually one side will prevail. So far neither side has been able to.

Just as she did in the American civil war, and even the American revolution, Russia should understand which side in this titanic information war to back, and should actively support them, just as America did during WW1 and 2.

The consequences for Russia, and indeed for the whole world, are huge. Her leaders should not fear accusations of “meddling” in American politics, just as the US is not afraid to meddle in Russia’s, for this is a struggle for the future of humanity.