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Michelle Obama to her husband, Barack: "Don't drop the ball, honey. You could change the world!" Part 2

The new U.S. first lady writes political speeches for her husband and loves the television show "Sex and the City"

Michelle Obama to her husband, Barack: "Don't drop the ball, honey. You could change the world!" Part1

More Precisely...

Straight from Michelle's Mouth

What Barack values in her:

“I think honesty, and a sense of humor. I'm very funny. I know when to joke with my husband to distract him from serious or sad thoughts. You know, when to be a little silly, I guess.”

On family relationships:

“We love to have a good time. We play with water guns, play football and tennis, enjoy picnics, eat ice cream and swim... The children have a lot of fun and so do we. It's so much better than listening to endless political speeches...”

On love...

“Barack is very romantic... He gives me flowers very often. He brought me flowers again yesterday. And me... Well, I raise his children.”

KP Dossier

This Cinderella Did Everything Herself...

Michelle Obama (born Michelle La Bon Robinson) was born in 1964 in South Side – a poor, crime-ridden district of Chicago. Her father worked at a utility company and her mother stayed home and raised the family. Her parents believed first and foremost in their children — both daughter Michelle and son Craig — and invested all their extra money in their education.

The results are quite impressive... Craig went on to become a famous basketball player and Michelle graduated from a prestigious high school. This helped her to get accepted into one of the most elite universities in the U.S. -- Princeton. Just as at most Ivy League schools, though, the majority of the students at Princeton are so-called "WASPs," or White Anglo-Saxon Protestants. Michelle, a young black woman from a poor, working family, suddenly felt out of place. For the first time in her life, Michelle began to think about social injustices in the U.S. In her thesis, Michelle criticized the educational system in the U.S. for "underestimating smart African Americans."

But things weren't going badly at all on a day-to-day basis. Michelle continued her education at Harvard Law School, and later worked at the renowned Sydney Austin law firm in Chicago.

In 1988, Michelle's career was shining. It was then she was tasked with taking the firm's newest employee, Barack Obama, under her patronage. The lanky young man was three years older than his supervisor. And he and Michelle were the only black people in the office. The firm strictly observed the service hierarchy and didn't look well upon any hanky-panky in the workplace. But there's no resisting the chemistry of love... Barack initiated the romance, and in his memoirs, he later wrote that he took Michelle by starvation.

Barack and Michelle were married in 1992. They had two children — Malia (born 1999) and Natasha (born 2001). For some reason, they call their youngest daughter "Sasha."

After their marriage, Michelle worked for the Chicago mayor's office. She worked her way up from clerk to deputy commissioner of planning and development. Several years later, she became the executive director of the Academic Center at the University of Chicago. The Chicago Tribune estimated her yearly salary at over $320,000. Already a senator in Washington DC, Barack was earning just under $200,000 at the time.

As of last May, Michelle played an active role in Barack's election campaign.

Five Facts About the First Lady

1. Michelle has a huge schedule hanging on the family refrigerator at home, including: what time she needs to wake her children, give them breakfast, clean the house, take care of the kids, etc.;

2. Michelle is an early bird. She loves getting up early (usually at 04:30 in the morning!) and going for her 3-kilometer run;

3. During her childhood, Michelle dreamed of becoming a ballerina. But in the 1960s in Chicago, this was nearly impossible for a young black girl. Today, though, she has no problem taking her children to dance lessons;

4. Michelle carries two identical BlackBerry smart phones with her at all times — one for work and the other for communicating with her friends and relatives;

5. Michelle doesn't drink or smoke, and was able to help Barack kick his tobacco addiction.

Fashionable Competition

The first lady of France, Nikolas Sarkozy's wife Carla Bruni (on the photo to the left), also dresses to kill. Her wardrobe is never boring, and is known for its colorful individuality. Subtly put, sometimes she even goes a bit overboard! We all remember her on the podium in her cranberry leggings, leather jacket and tight dresses... But today she tries to tone down her style to look more natural.

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's dress sets a marvelous example for businesswomen across the globe. The name of the game is strict suits, straight pants and classical skirts... Everything is expensive, strict and simply... predictable. But even Condoleeza has been known to amaze on occasion, although we rarely see her flamboyantly dressed.

On Style and Clothes

They Compare Michelle to Jacqueline Kennedy...

For the first time in 40 years in the U.S., Michelle will become the first "first lady," who isn't afraid of her own sex appeal and actively uses the trump card to her advantage. The best modeling houses have been quick to notice her ability to dress low-key, yet elegant and cheerful. Michelle has already crowded Bruni and Rice on the pedestal of the Western world's most stylish women in politics. People magazine ranked her second only to the singer Fergie among big society's most stylishly dressed.

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