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Film alleges American bankers behind wars, terrorism Part 1

"Zeitgeist" film details who controls today's crises
The filmmakers say Bin Laden (left) wasn't behind Sept. 11. It was the CIA, which wanted a motive to launch a war against Iraq and Afghanistan.

The filmmakers say Bin Laden (left) wasn't behind Sept. 11. It was the CIA, which wanted a motive to launch a war against Iraq and Afghanistan.

The world is in a panic due to the economic crisis. And it's uncertain if our financial woes have reached their peak, or are preparing to take an unforeseen turn for the worst. But how can these events unfold so haphazardly? There must be someone out there who can provide insight into the situation.

A growing group of people in the U.S. believe they have an answer to this question. Many of them not only predicted today's economic crisis, but also believe there are conspirators involved. They thank American bankers and politicians for the ruthless killing in Iraq and Afghanistan, and say their primary goal is to maintain control over the world. Their beliefs were detailed in the anonymous film "Zeitgeist," which was released in the U.S. last year.

If "Zeitgeist" seemed liked a conspiracy theory at the time, today, in light of the financial crisis, viewers are watching the film to find out how we wound up where we are today. What is this visionary work all about? And are the film's revelations more than just the biased, paranoid assumptions of the filmmakers? Sept. 11: An act of global provocation? The fact that the filmmakers chose to remain anonymous makes the film all the more intriguing. It's as if by stepping into the shadows, they wanted to emphasize that they weren't interested in fame or fortune, but just the plain truth. Many people who watched the film closely noticed that the authors used elements of psychological programming — subliminal messages, bleed lines, sparks and light swirls. These effects are usually used to remove viewers from reality and hypnotize them in an effort to insert information into their weakened subconscious. Before turning the viewers' attention to the hotbed of global evil — or American bankers and politicians — the filmmakers delve into the history of religion, which they say is no more than a mix of astrology and Egyptian myth used to reach political aims.

"Religion empowers those who know the truth and use the myth to control society," the film's narrator says convincingly from behind the scenes.. While investigating the Sept. 11 tragedy, the filmmakers conclude that the events were in fact construed by the CIA. They say the Twin Towers collapsed as the result of a controlled explosion, and an airplane didn't crash into the Pentagon. They ask how the 12 tons of steel and titanium from the plane that allegedly hit the complex could have just disappeared without a trace. The filmmakers say the CIA's aim was to legalize a military doctrine before a new arms race and justify attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan to fatten American pockets.

"There must always be an enemy for a society to exist," the filmmakers say. Photos of U.S. President George Bush flash across the screen continuously. They allege that Bush hypnotized the American public with words like "international terrorism," "act of terror," and "terrorism." They add mockingly: "Do you really think some Arab in a cave named Osama Bin Laden, sitting far up in the mountains, financed and organized the largest terrorist act in world history?

Money rules the world "Something bigger than the king is always behind the throne," the filmmakers say. And big money has always been behind the U.S. presidency. They remind the viewers of the words of the famous banker Rothschild, who said: "Give me control over the money, and I don't care who is writing the laws."

The filmmakers say these bankers organized today's wars and economic crises and also brought U.S. presidents to power. Former U.S. President John F. Kennedy was the only leader who refused to do as he was told. He wanted to tell the American public about the "secret ordain," but was assassinated early into his presidency.

Even more interestingly, the filmmakers allege that Bush's grandfather provided financial assistance to Hitler's Germany. And why hasn't the press uncovered any of this? Because the conspirators own them! Rupert Murdoch is one of those masked men behind the curtains. This is the reason why television is so full of meaningless entertainment.

"They want a nation that can actually think less than anything else," the filmmakers say. One of the most powerful passages in the film refers to the poisoning brain-box. And in the future, the filmmakers add, people will receive chip implants at birth that will allow them to be fully controlled.

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