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24 сентября 2023 10:20

Zelensky Gets Cool Reception in Washington

Attitudes in the U.S. toward the conflict in Ukraine have begun to change
Even the incorrigibly dishonest US establishment media is reporting that Zelensky’s visit to the US this week demanding more money was a failure, and that is really saying something, for their primary activity is to sell lies

Even the incorrigibly dishonest US establishment media is reporting that Zelensky’s visit to the US this week demanding more money was a failure, and that is really saying something, for their primary activity is to sell lies


Independent American journalist Charles Bausman specially for KP.RU. Russian version.

Even the incorrigibly dishonest US establishment media is reporting that Zelensky’s visit to the US this week demanding more money was a failure, and that is really saying something, for their primary activity is to sell lies. Even they could not put a positive spin on this past week, perhaps trying to revive some trust from the public, who have long since stopped believing anything they print anyway.

The fact is that the lies the mainstream media and the political caste have been pushing since the start of the war have given way to facts, and politicians are doing what they do best, blowing with the wind.

A powerful group of rebellious conservative Republicans in the House of Representatives, which decides on spending, are dead set against any more funding for Ukraine, as are their constituents, furious about the open border with Mexico, and much else. They have the power to unseat the Speaker, Mr. McCarthy, a national traitor famous for being for sale to the highest bidder, and are blocking any more funding for Ukraine.

McCarthy is a shill and a tool for the corrupt establishment which has its claws on the neck of the American nation, but under the threat of losing his job, he gave Zelensky the cold shoulder this week, denying his request to address Congress, and forbidding the few Republicans who still want to talk to Zelensky, to do so at the Capitol, forcing them a few blocks West, to the National Archives building. But most importantly, he offered no money, sending Volodomyr a few blocks NorthWest, where Biden also disappointed him, offering him a lousy missile defense which doesn’t work.

Russians seem to have the impression that American political power is monolithic, and that if Biden is in office, then his faction gets to decide national policy during his term. But nothing could be further from the truth.

A better analogy is an evil elite who use money and blackmail to enforce tyranny in all areas of life: on both parties, on the bureaucracies, in culture, in academia, in public health, and especially on law enforcement (the FBI) and intelligence agencies, now turned against US citizens themselves. Their primary instrument of control are the legacy media, which have lost all respect from the public because of their obvious role as henchmen for the bad guys.

Opposing this tyranny are its victims, citizens across the political spectrum, from both parties (many Americans, easily 40% if not more, identify with neither major party, as both are hopelessly compromised). Their primary arsenals are access to free information and the 1st amendment of the Constitution (under severe attack as well). Their offensive weapon is the alternative media, which has grown so large over the past 20 years that it now exceeds the legacy media in influence.

A massive struggle is in full pitch in the US between these two factions. The battle is historic, epic, and has huge implications for Russia and the rest of the world. Just like in a hot war, territory is won and lost, attacks are launched and either successfully repelled or not, and casualties taken.

There are hero generals and officers on the good side (Kennedy, Trump, Musk, Ramaswamy, Greenwald, Carlson, and thousands of smaller names), and as many evil warlords and traitor-mercenaries siding with the enemy (Nuland, Blinken, the leadership of the big legacy media companies, most politicians, etc.) The primary field of battle is the information space, with legal and legislative fields also playing a role. Note the presence of both liberals and conservatives in the ranks of the good side. For now it is an information war, but it could easily turn hot, as both sides become more radical and enraged.

This is the battlezone Mr. Zelensky walked into this past week, trying to squeeze a little more money to enrich himself and his paymasters. Based on his reception there, it is unlikely he will soon return.

Here is evidence that US public and political opinion regarding Ukraine is shifting dramatically: The New York Times, which is nothing more than a propaganda outlet for the Biden administration, fired a direct missile at Zelensky himself during the visit, saying that Ukraine and the West lied about a criminal missile attack on civilians in Donetsk a year ago blaming Russia instead of the true culprit, Ukraine.

Almost simultaneously, Seymour Hersh, one of the most respected and authoritative journalists in the US in both the mainstream and alternative media, dropped a major bomb on Zelensky (again timed for the visit), with a leak from US intelligence agencies confirming that the media and government have been lying about the progress of the Ukraine war. This was clearly an attack against Zelensky from renegade factions within US security agencies.

Almost daily there are major articles in the alternative media (which is now in fact the mainstream) pointing out that the media and politicians have simply been lying about Ukraine, and articles in the legacy media grudgingly admitting that the war is not going well. Huge alternative platforms like Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan, Zerohedge, Rumble, Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi, The Gateway Pundit, Clayton Morris, most of Twitter, and many, many more are clearly winning the narrative battle on Ukraine, and public support for Russia is growing dramatically, both in the US and Europe. The reach and influence of these outlets is much larger than the legacy media, which is dying, thanks to their own treachery and stupidity. It is important to understand that articles and videos in the alternative media get many times more, often 10 or more times, views than the opposing view in the legacy media.

Prominent public constituents respected on both sides of the political spectrum are increasingly speaking out against Ukraine. The most prominent example is Jeffrey Sachs, a well-respected economist. He has been waging his own private war against the Ukraine lies for several months, writing articles and giving a huge number of interviews. He is not alone.

Russians could be forgiven for thinking that with this dramatic shift in public opinion, US policy will soon change. Sadly, the corruption runs so deep that it could take a long time before public opinion stops bad policy, but the trend is obvious.

It is impossible to say when, if ever, the hawks embedded in the Biden administration and Congress will bend to reality, but the pressure is mounting.


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